Rafael Ballesteros

Rafael Ballesteros was born in Seville (Spain) in 1980. Since childhood he has demonstrated great creativity and artistic interest that have grown althrough his life. His artistic output is developed in different techniques as Raphael enjoys taking advantage of combining graphic-plastic that offer both modern and traditional techniques. Nethertheless he felt a special predilection for photography, illustration and the world of comics. In his woks clear influences from primitive art, abstraction and contemporary art, can perceive what has led him to acquire a very eclectic personal style. The use of dripping and texture as plastic resources coexist harmoniously with a sensitivity that is innate, giving his works of a very particular expressiveness. Due to his versatility and his continous interest in expressing himself artistically, he gathers a wide academic training focused in the world of art. His last qualification is Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Seville, his academic record includes three Plates of Honor (30 e lode) reguarding Photography, Engraving II and Graphic Design II. During his career as an artist he has participated in international scholarships in Portugal (Escola Universitária das Artes de Coimbra), Morocco (Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan) and Italy ( Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze) these experiences have enriched him both artistically and personally. Throughout his career he has done numerous presentations at both national and international level, among which we could highlight the carried out at the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art of Seville and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, where some of his works are already part of the private collection of the Accademia. As well as his artistic production is multidisciplinary, his work experience also includes artistic fields quite different from each other, including the restoration of several monuments of the Andalusian Historic Heritage as are the Plaza de España in Seville and the Mudejar Pavilion of Seville. Currently continues experimenting with new artistic mediums as a Researcher and as Honorary Assistant of the Drawing Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville. In addition, there is still forming as a doctoral student in the “Doctorate Program Art and Heritage” at the International School of Doctorate.