William Herod

At the age of 6 William Herod was given a easel and a set of oil paints by his father. He painted a ship. And thus was born a lifelong love affair with drawing, painting and sculpture.

Art was to be a constant companion throughout his life. A companion that taught him, nurtured him, and guided him through decades of exploration, discovery and growth.

William is a multi-disciplined individual whose restless spirit has lead him down many different creative avenues. From the jewelry designed and created for the trendy shops of New York, LA, and Toronto, to the high end Art Furniture, lighting and accessories he designed and sold from New York to LA, and from Tokyo to Paris, his eclectic nature has evolved into a unique and singular style.

In the past decade William has re-invented himself, turning his attention to writing, digital manipulation and illustration as well as photography, drawing and painting.

He continues to explore new paths in creativity, and personal expression.

What William Herod Brings To VeniceArtHouse?

« We all come to this beautiful city with a common purpose: To make art.

As Creative Project Director it is my intention to promote for my colleagues an environment of ‘creative cooperation & exploration’.

This will be accomplished through group activities, and the exchange of ideas concerning the theme suggested by Venice Art House for those who participate in the program.

Group activities will include gallery visits, explorations throughout the city, and photo expeditions to the neighboring islands.

Like ‘La Serenissima’, Venice Art House can be a  place of great inspiration. It will be my privilege to work with and assist  artists from all over the world to achieve our common goal of creating art. »

Previous experience at Ca’ Zanardi:

William Herod first came to Ca’ Zanardi for Fausto Brozzi’s “World Art in Venice” in the fall of 2011. He sent his painting, ‘Ascension’ to Venice about three weeks earlier by USPS, but was shocked to learn upon arriving at Ca’ Zanardi that the painting had been held up at customs in Milan, and would not arrive in time for the exhibit.

Undaunted, Andrea Chinellato offered a solution: Create a new painting today at Ca’ Zanardi and finish it as a performance piece during the opening reception.

And so it was. William spent a beautiful afternoon working on his new “opere” titled “La Vita Nuova” in the courtyard of Ca’ Zanardi, while saving the masterstrokes for  his performance during the opening reception.

In the years since, William has participated in “Venezia Misteriosa 2013”, Faust Brozzi’s “InternationArt in Venice” in 2012 as well as 2013 (in which he acted as the Official Event Photographer), and will be participating in InternationArt in Venice 2014.

These events and interactions have made Ca’ Zanardi William Herod’s home away from home in Venice.